You rent the campsite, we do the rest!

Evergreen Adventures was designed with the “apprehensive” camper I mind! Maybe you have always wanted to explore the great outdoors but are unsure about the tents and bugs kind of camping. Well, we don’t feel that just because we provide the RV that you provide everything else. At Evergreen Adventures, we want you to show up and prepare for fun!

Each rig that Evergreen Adventures rents is camped in and tested out by us personally. This is because we love camping, but it is also to ensure that you have an awesome experience. There is nothing like hands on experience to ensure that all of the little details are there for our renters!

We include the following in every rental:

Dogs are allowed for $20/day with a maximum charge of $160

Well behaved dogs are welcome at Evergreen RV Adventures when the daily pet fee is paid ahead of time. This provides extra cleaning time to make sure the RVis good as new for the next customer.
Our RVs come with a lot of standard features for you to have an awesome camping experience,but we have extra add-ons to help make sure you have what you need to make the most of your trip. Please make any add-on changes by replying to your original confirmation email.

We even offer a No-Worries Return options

Look, we understand. You want to have all the joys of RVing, but aren’t really interested in the behind the scenes that comes with RVing. We get it. 

Purchase one of the Worry-Free Return Options, and you can stay in vacation mode, and we will take care of everything for you!

For $49.99 we will dump, flush, and sanitize the RV holding tanks. Our normal dumping charge is $75.00, as a result, prepay and save $29.99/trip!

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