“Juniper”| Keystone Passport

“Fern”| R-Pod

No. Insurance does not cover travel into Mexico and our travel trailers are strictly prohibited from crossing the border.

We prorate the weekly rate for the amount of days you’re looking for. There are discounts for longer rentals (14days or more).Please email us for more details.

A four (4) day rental is considered a “weekend”. Scheduling would be as follows:

Early pick up is based on availability. An early pick is only available if another renter is not returning the RV on the same day that the early pick up is requested.

Late drop off is also based on availability and has a $50 late drop off fee and must be arranged in advance. Failure to arrange in advance will incur the normal $50/hour late return fee. Late drop off istypicallyif another renter isnot scheduled to pick up the same unit on the same day.

Deposits are $500 for travel trailers.

That is like asking who your favorite child is!We truly love the RVs in our fleet. We spent extensive hours researching the features and layouts. It all depends on your camping needs and the numberof people youare camping with.
Here are some questions to help determine the best RV for you:

All of our RVs use 30amp connections.

Absolutely!Full hookups sites generally provide water, power, a sewage drain, and even cable tv connections at some locations! This can help make your camping experience that much easier. Without “full hookups” you would be dry-camping, and we only allow this with very experience dRVers.

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